Konganbuddies Marketing Inc. is one of the fastest growing technology company, digital solutions provider and first integrated in Asia.

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The Kongan Culture

  • Core
    To reach our goal of building a globally established company, we start with our core, the very foundation of our success, our people.
  • Kindness, Hard work and Integrity
    Kindness, hard work and integrity are the core value that we cultivate in the workplace. These three make us stand on solid ground creating a well-diversified, extremely passionate, and globally competitive team.
  • Employees
    Making our employees always go above and beyond what’s expected of them. Though being on top is our ultimate goal and moving in a fast paced environment is our norm, Kongan is dedicated to both professional and personal development of its people. We live a positive company culture by recognizing the contribution of each team member, be it big or small, all efforts are appreciated and are part of our biggest milestones.
  • Culture
    Kongan established a culture that embodies diversity and inclusivity, creating a diverse and unbiased team working together towards a collective goal of mutual success.


IT Services Outsourcing
Provide qualified and computer literate personnel in the field of Information technology for our clients.

Call Center Outsourcing
Provide qualified and well-mannered personnel that will cater to the needs of their customers and specification of our clients.

Knowledge Process Outsourcing
Provide adequate services that provide information needed for the much ever expanding nature of business of our clients.
Data Entry Outsourcing
Produce well equipped staff that are professional and well trained employees can assure the faster growth of the clients’ business.

Financial Services Outsourcing
Provide people with adequate skills to provide banking and financial services that can act similar to any financial institution.

E - Services

Website SEO and Design
Creating a website up to the standard provided by our clients and optimizing it to its maximum potential in terms of its search visibility in search engines.
Develop software programs, scripts, or other sets of instructions.
Provides the capability for buying and selling in the modern internet age, purchasing and selling only top of the line and quality products.
Market products to qualifications and standards of clients ensuring on the ever expanding media called the internet.
Cyber Security
Providing utmost security services to clients ensuring that our clients data is safe and secure.
Big Data Mining
Searching, refinement, extraction and comparison of big groups of data allowing smoother and more organized access to information.
Enterprise Quality Assurance
Searching, refinement, extraction and comparison of big groups of data allowing smoother and more organized access to information.
Application Development
Creates mobile applications for the masses giving them convenience and entertainment for their daily lives.

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